At SMM education®, our franchise advisor support team provides all the know-how needed – from finding the right location to attracting members to hiring and developing an energetic, engaged and caring staff.

It begins with intensive training by some of the best courses trainers you could hope for. Then you’ll receive a full set of training materials and manuals. And finally, you’ll have the ongoing support of our corporate team.

Our support team will give you the confidence and peace of mind to stay focused on your vision – making learning fun & easy.

The certification of ISO 9001 at the beginning of this year is an evidence of our quest in achieving operational excellence to support our Business Associates and Course Instructors. Discover the difference our support team can make in realizing your dream.

Business Talk
Experienced Trainers, Complete Training, and All the Teaching Materials You Need

  • Start-up Support Training & Development

    Through our learning & development programme, you will learn what you need to thrive in the competitive childhood education environment. Training includes two weeks of Business Orientation Programme and minimum a week of on-site attachment training. The training is aimed to deliver business know-how and various marketing skills such as:

    • Our corporate philosophy
    • Yes path
    • IT support and tutorial
    • Services related courses
    • Total marketing & sales
    • Physical environment set up
    • Total quality management
    • SMM Methodology
    • Product knowledge

    All books and teaching materials are provided by headquarters. BA can place their order via e-purchase through our website. Course Instructor training will also be provided by headquarters so that BA can have more time managing and concentrate on their business development.

  • Business Consultant

    Business Consultant is one of SMM service designed to assist you in improving your centre’s performance. Here is scope of the things your Business Consultant can do for you:

    • Assist in the development of budgets and business plans for your centre
    • Provide advice, coaching and assistance on how to improve your business
    • Assist with the analysis of your centre’s performance
    • Provide continual training and guidance on our ever-improving system
    • Promote efficiency to help maximize your centre’s profitability
  • Human Resource Training and Support

    • Course instructor recruiting,
    • Course Instructor training,
    • Course Instructor career path management.
  • Technology Support

    • Online purchase of teaching materials
    • Websites support
    • Online communication
    • Toll free call centre
  • Marketing-Support

    Every year we spend up to a million dollars to advertise our services and promotion in various media to help improving our brand images and sales. The marketing budgets include the following campaign:

    • Co-op advertising
    • E-Marketing efforts
    • Social media campaign
    • National media advertising
    • Regional advertising
  • On-going Support

    Newsletter, meetings, field operations/ evaluations, purchasing cooperatives, study materials ordering and delivery & IT solution.