(4 to 6 Years Old)

Inspired by the Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, MRC Kids programme emphasizes whole brain approaches to develop 9 multiple intelligences. Our programme is designed to accelerate 9 multiple activities through 3 languages training that develops high verbal memory, as well as help children develop a firm grasp on language structure.

That’s why a key focus of MRC Kids™ is implementing creative approaches such as drama and speech activities to deliver language lessons across three different languages: English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese. Together with Abacus & Mental Arithmetic, Mathematics concept and other enrichment activities, MRC Kids helps to:

  • Linguistic intelligence development
  • Build confidence in public speaking
  • Logical-mathematical intelligence
  • Whole brain development
  • Develop holistic child character building
  • Physical development
  • Social & Emotion development

Learning Hours: 3 hours per day
Teaching Day: Monday to Friday
Operating Hours: Depends on branches

MRC Kids

  • Academic Curriculum

    • MRC™ Kids Chinese
    • MRC™ Kids English
    • MRC™ Kids B. Malaysia
    • Mathematics Worksheet
  • Enrichment Curriculum

    • Drama & Speech
    • Synchronize Thematic Approach
    • Art & Craft
    • MRC™ Kids Flazzle Card
    • SMM System (Formula 1-9)
    • 9 Multiple Intelligences
    • MRC™ Kids Online Learning
  • Education Related Service

    • “V care” After School Care
    • MRC™ Kids Drama Competition
    • Chinese New Year MTV
    • Academia Graduation
    • Sport Day
    • AMA Competition
  • Life Skills Mastery

    • Character Building
    • MRC™ Kids Module Story
    • MRC™ Kids Reader
    • MRC™ Kids Storytime
    • One Family E-Comic
    • One Family Animation
  • Whole Brain Holiday Camp Programme

    • 9 Multiple Intelligences Activities Based

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