(7 to 12 Years Old)

MRC JSP™ is catered for students aged 7-12 years old. MRC JSP programme is a primary school enrichment learning (Standard 1-6) and it is aligned with national school standards with most of the courses are approved by Standard Curriculum for Primary Schools.

Learning Hours: Minimum of 2 and a half hours per session
Operating Hours: Depends on branches
Duration: 5 months per Semester, 5 Sessions per Week and 2 and a half Hours per Session


  • Academic Curriculum

    • JSP™ English
    • JSP™ Bahasa Malaysia
    • JSP™ Chinese
    • JSP™ Mathematics
    • JSP™ Science
    • Homework Guidance
    • 140 sets of test papers from school around Malaysia
  • Enrichment Curriculum

    • SMM™ System (Formula 1-9)
    • SMM™ Methodology
    • JSP™ Interactive Comic
    • JSP™ Online Learning
    • 9 Multiple Intelligences
    • Super Memory Map
  • Education Related Service

    • “V care” After School Care
    • Homework Guideline
    • 9 Beads Competition
    • JSP™ International Talent Competitions
    • JSP™ MAM Competition
    • Academia Graduation
    • Chinese New Year MTV
  • Life Skills Mastery

    • JSP™ Character Education 12 levels
    • One Family Animation
    • One Family E-Comic
  • Whole Brain Holiday Camp Programme

    • 9 Multiple Intelligences Activities Based

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