Established in 2002, SMM Education Group serves as the parent company for both MRC and 3Q programmes. With an extensive network of over 1000 centres across Malaysia and Singapore, SMM Education Group stands as a leader in providing a diverse range of premier, innovative, and interactive programmes designed to enhance students' mental abilities, particularly focusing on the right hemisphere of the human brain.

Our mission at SMM Education Group is to foster the holistic development of every child. Beyond imparting knowledge, we believe in laying the foundation for success by adopting a long-term approach to Research and Development, crafting a comprehensive education system that includes academic enrichment programmes and educational services.

Our unique 3Q system and SMM Methodology have received approval and registration from the Ministries of Education in both Singapore and Malaysia. We are confident that our system contributes to lifelong learning benefits for our students. Moreover, our "Learn through play, play through learn" philosophy, embedded in our system, ensures that the learning process remains enjoyable and accessible for our children.

As educators, we constantly look to the future, shaping our curriculum, methods, and systems to anticipate and meet the evolving needs of our students. For instance, our distinctive Flash Card and 'Flazzle' Card Management System have shown significant results in facilitating word recognition, word usage, and memory processes among children.

In addition to our commitment to academic excellence, we strive to enhance our educational services by exploring ways to unlock our pupils' multiple intelligences, both within and outside the classroom. A highlight of our yearly calendar is the 3Q, MRC Kids & JSP International Talent Competition, providing a platform that encourages creativity and develops potential. This event aims to cultivate an active and independent lifelong learning capacity in students, preparing them to navigate the challenges of a rapidly changing society. Each year, over 5000 pupils enthusiastically participate in this transformative event.

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SMM Mission


Dedicated to Whole Brain Development, committed to N.E.E.T development while modelling a fun & easy life

SMM Vision


A world-class whole brain education visionary organization

SMM Values


Caring, Harmony, Excellence, Potential, Dignity, Integrity, Growth, Quality