(6 Months to 3 Years Old)

3Q™ MRC Toddlers is a childcare centre and nursery with specialised whole brain education for toddlers aged from 6 months to 3 years old. The primary goal of MRC toddlers is to develop children’s multiple intelligences through the 3Q Systems. Parents can choose either a weekday package (Monday to Friday) or simply select any individual days for their childcare services that suit their needs.

Learning Hours
  • Single subject: 1 hour / time
  • Full day: 7:30am to 6pm
  • Half day: 7:30am to 12pm
    (depends on outlets)
Teaching Day Monday to Friday
Programme Structure
  • T1: Ages 6 – 12months
  • T2: Ages 13 – 18 months
  • T3: Ages 19 – 24 months
  • T4: Ages 25 – 36 months
3Q MRC Toddlers

  • Academic Curriculum

    • Multilingual Development (BM, BI, BC)
    • Puzzle & Story Scrapbook Association Skills Development
    • Aural-oral and Reading Skills
    • Picture Card & Stickers Vocabulary Builder
  • Enrichment Curriculum

    • 3Q™ 9 Multiple Intelligences Moment
    • 3Q™ System
    • 3Q™ Animation
    • Flashcard & 3Q™ Flazzle Card & Flash Card
  • Educational Related Services

    • “V care” After School Care
    • 3Q™ Kids International Talent Competition (T4)
    • Chinese New Year MTV (T4)
  • Life skill mastery

    • 3Q™ Smart Me
    • Character Building
    • Wall Chart (T1-T3)
    • 3Q™ Reader BM, BI, BC (T4)
  • Whole Brain Holiday Camp Programme (T4)

    • 9 Multiple Intelligences Activities Based

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