• 3Q MRC Junior

    Malaysia’s first kindergarten school that utilises the proven 3Q™ system.

    Age: 4-6 years old

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  • 3Q MRC AEP

    An afternoon enrichment programme that provides fun educational content to enrich your child’s knowledge across various subjects.

    Age: 3-6 years old

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  • 3Q MRC Toddlers

    A childcare centre and nursery with specialised whole brain education for toddlers.

    Age: 1-3 years old

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  • MRC Whole Brain

    MRC Whole Brain is a weekly enrichment programme which offers subjects for aged 3 to 12 years old.

    Age: 3-12 years old

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    A primary school enrichment learning that is aligned with national school standards.

    Age: 7-12 years old

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  • MRC Kids

    MRC Kids programme emphasizes whole brain approaches to develop 9 multiple intelligences.

    Age: 4-6 years old

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We at SMM Education Group believe that education is more than just teaching children how to study. Rather, it is about teaching them how to learn with joy while developing multiple intelligences and mastery of life skills.

It was with this vision in mind that spurred Dr. Lim Teck Ting to establish SMM Education Group in 2002. Since then, SMM Education Group has internally developed and refined their trademarked MRC JSP, MRC and 3Q™ learning programme that cultivates and develops the whole brain across nine multiple intelligences.

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