SMM精忆图教育集团革新 “元宇宙”体验式学习

SMM Education Group innovates Metaverse experiential learning article


SMM Education Group innovates “Metaverse” experiential learning


Author: Sin Chew Daily, Editor: Xu Bowen


(槟城28日讯)“工业革命4.0”是近年备受关注的话题。在教育 界,与之相应的“教育4.0”也应运而生。SMM精忆图教育集团 创办人、首席执行员兼集团执行主席林得工博士洞悉在学前教育 贯彻有关理念的重要性,从组织经营管理到教学都为之做好准 备。

SMM集团配合时代发展所需,对传统的教学方式进行革新,近期推 出革新的“元宇宙”体验式学习方式,可谓是领先学前教育领域。


(Penang, 28th January) "Industrial Revolution 4.0" is a topic that has attracted much attention in recent years. In the education sector, the corresponding "Education 4.0" has also emerged. Dr. Lim Teck Ting, founder, CEO and executive chairman of SMM Education Group, understands the importance of implementing relevant concepts in preschool education and is prepared for it from organizational management to teaching.

In line with the needs of the development of the times, SMM Education Group has innovated traditional teaching methods and recently launched the innovative "Metaverse" experiential learning method, which can be said to be a leader in the field of preschool education.


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